Pilots Fired For Taking Selfies & Letting Playboy Model Fly The Plane

Two Argentinian pilots were not thinking with their heads when they let a Playboy model take pictures and "help" fly the plane.

Two Argentinean pilots working for Aerolineas Argentinas were busted after letting a busty model, who is best known for posing in the Greek edition of Playboy, into the cockpit.

Not only did they allow the model, Victoria “Viky” Xipolitakis, into the cockpit to hang out and snap selfies, they also let her control the plane. In a video Xipolitakis filmed, she giggles and inquires about different mechanics of the plane.

“I film everything, eh?” she asks in Spanish and one of the pilots laughs. “Nobody sees it,” she reassures them.

A longer version of the video shows them urging her to accelerate the plane on the runway.


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Xipolitakis posted videos and selfies of herself in the cockpit to her various social media and also sent messages about her time at the plane’s controls to the host of a television show, according to Fox News Latino. One message ended with “I piloted the plane during takeoff.” The two pilots have been fired and passengers aboard the flight from Buenos Aires to Rosario want to sue the airline for endangering their lives.  

According to Fox, a Buenos Aires lawyer named Gregorio Dalbon told reporters he would be preparing a lawsuit on behalf of 11 of the passengers of the flight. 

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Banner photo credit: Twitter/@facucornejo

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