First Tornado Since 2004 Hits Los Angeles

Footage captured by a witness shows winds ripping rooftops.

In what is believed to be an unusual occurrence in South California a tornado made touchdown in southern Los Angeles triggered by the storm system dubbed "Pineapple Express.”

Although the twister was in the smallest category possible, and no one was hurt, according to the National Weather Service, it reportedly damaged the roof of an apartment complex, two homes, a steel billboard and knocked down several trees.

The tornado was captured on video by a local resident.

"I saw the palm trees swinging, and I wanted to know what it was really," said Jamie Mena, who recorded the tornado on his cellphone camera. "Nobody got hurt as far as I know."

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Other people in the area mistook the twister for an earthquake.

"I was out on the front porch, I got soaking wet," said another resident Rose Beard. "I thought it was ironic, I just said 'Oh Lord, wash me,' and then boom! I just got drenched."

"Things were flying everywhere," she added. "As the day has progressed I'm more and more grateful the tree didn't fall on me. It's the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

Another man stated that he saw the roof of his own house ripped apart by the strong winds.

The tornado is purportedly the first in Los Angeles since 2004, according to which tracks twisters.

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