Pirate Attack Widow Seeks Border Security


Tiffany Hartley, whose husband was shot while the two were fleeing from Mexican pirates on jet skis earlier this month, said the attack should be an example for President Obama on the need for more border security.

""""He should wake up and look at what's going on in our backyard,"""" Hartley said, referring to the pirates that attacked her and her and her husband on Falcon Lake at the Texas-Mexico border.

Speaking outside of her home in LaSalle, Colo., Hartley said she spent 16 hours speaking with Mexican officials, who, in a rare move, came across the border to meet with her.

""""I think the only reason they did is A, I was not going over there. And B, [because] of the publicity they've had,"""" she said.

""""But no, I don't live in fear for my life,"""" Hartley said. """"David and I didn't live in fear. And that's how I am living.""""

Hartley said she plans to remain in Colorado for the time being to relax at her family's 20-acre ranch, but wants to use the media to help keep the case in the spotlight.

""""Being here in Colorado, you guys are, you're going to be my way to get my voice out,"""" Hartley said.

Mexican authorities have said they will press their search for David Hartley's body after the lead investigator, Rolando Flores, was decapitated on Oct. 12.

""""I still believe they are going to do what they can for David and for us, for bringing him home,"""" Tiffany Hartley said two weeks ago.