Pizza Man Drugs Cops In Israel When Told To "Put Whatever On It"

Care for a little pot sprinkled on your pie? When someone orders a pizza and asks the chef to put whatever toppings on it, they usually mean onions mushrooms – and not the psychedelic kind.

Pizza shop owner arrested in central Israel for drugging cops

That's what happened in Tel Aviv, Israel, where a pizza man decided to get funny with the order he received. Although he knew that the pizza was for cops, he poured some "Mr. Nice Guy" all over the pizza. 

The pizza slinger had some real chutzpah to pour drugs on the cops' pizza without a second thought. Mr. Nice Guy is synthetic marijuana, a "kiosk drug" that can be found easily throughout the country, and generally has been decriminalized. However, the government is starting to crack down on it.

Pizzeria serves cops drug-laced pie

Although the pizza guy told the Walla website that he could have easily just thrown oregano on the pizza, he went with the spicier stuff instead.

Police who ate the pizza and fell ill afterward, however, didn't take kindly to the little joke. The pizza owner will have to appear in court, and there is a chance the shop could be closed down.

For now, if you are in Israel and looking for something more than just good food, then you know where to go!

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