Plane Crashes In US River

The Mayor of New York has said the US Airways pilot who landed a plane safely in the freezing Hudson River did a "masterful job". Speaking in New York just hours after the crash, Michael Bloomberg heaped praise upon the pilot, who was the last person to leave the plane before it sank. The Mayor said: "It would appear that the pilot did a masterful job of landing the plane in the river and making sure that everyone got out. "I had a long conversation with the pilot, who walked the plane twice after everyone got off to make sure there was no-one left on board. This pilot did a wonderful job." Dozens of passengers had a miraculous escape after the US Airways plane plunged into the New York river. Passengers could be seen standing on both wings of the plane, which was floating in the freezing water. Large numbers of passengers wearing yellow life jackets were pulled from the water and taken on board ferries to safety.