Planned Parenthood Worker Reveals “Acts of Terrorism" She Survived

Following the fatal shootings at a Planned Parenthood clinic, a former employee tweeted the terrors she experienced while working with the organization.

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The recent shooting at the Planned Parenthood location in Colorado killed three people, including a Marine, and led to the arrest of suspect Robert Lewis Dear.

Speculation started immediately that the violent attack at the clinic, which offers reproductive health services, was part of the anti-abortion movement. This fear turned into reality after the alleged gunman announced “No more baby parts” after opening the fire.

Dear’s rhetoric is similar to what GOP candidates have been saying ever since undercover videos allegedly revealed that Planned Parenthood provided tissue from dead fetuses to research programs.

Those videos only came to light this summer, but the violence against the nonprofit and its employees spans to a period much longer than that. Friday’s shooting might be devastating, but it certainly wasn’t surprising. It was a part of something that has become terrifyingly routine.

Former Planned Parenthood worker Bryn Greenwood, who worked with the organization during early '90s, recently took to Twitter to detail the “acts of terrorism” she and her colleagues faced at the Kansas clinic where Greenwood worked for three years.

Her distressing tweets offer a ground-level view of the harassment and intimidation the women’s health providers have to face in the United States.

Butyric acid is a hazardous compound that can cause severe burns if meets skin. Inhalation may result in “severe irritation of respiratory tract, characterized by coughing, choking or shortness of breath.”

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Greenwood also claimed that she volunteered at the clinic run by George Tiller — a doctor who was  murdered in 2009 by a man who later said he committed the murder “because of the fact preborn children's lives were in imminent danger.”

Although majority of Americans oppose defunding Planned Parenthood, a large number of people — including most Republicans  continue to target the organization for performing abortions, completely ignoring the basic services it provides to women.

As Greenwood has stated, opposing Planned Parenthood is like opposing patients' right to decide their futures, which is an abuse in itself.

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