Hungry Polar Bears Trap Russian Scientists In A Remote Weather Station

Experts working at the remote weather station fired flare signals toward the bears, but the animals aren't daunted.

Russian island of Vaygach

Scientists working on the remote Russian island of Vaygach have reportedly been besieged by a group of five adult polar bears.

According to the team trapped inside the Fyodorov weather station, they have tried to use flare signals to protect themselves but the bears aren't scared.  

WWF Russia reports the bears have been sleeping near the research site and have been seen fighting with each other in nearby areas for food.

Polar Bears

The Russian government has offered help, according to the conservation group.

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Scientists working at Fyodorov

Scientists working at Fyodorov usually go out twice a day to take readings of the sea, however, with the hungry bears outside, it’s currently not possible for them to continue with their work.

Photos posted by WWF Russia show there are no fences surrounding the site to prevent the animals from coming near the building.

Vaygach Island

The Independent reports WWF’s Bear Patrol is in contact with the besieged staff and the organization will formally appeal to the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology to provide the staff with the necessary equipment to scare the polar bears away.

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