Remember When Everything Froze Over Last Winter? Wait For It To Happen All Over Again

It's coming and will be chiller than before. Does the term 'polar vortex' sound familiar to you?

Polar Vortex 2014

Given that thisweather phenomenon was the reason why the entire North American peninsula experienced extreme cold wave last winter, it would be surprising if the term has already left peoples’ memories.

Well, guess what? The chilling weather – which we thought was a one-off episode – is set to make a comebackthis winter. In fact, it's only a few weeks away, if a report by is to be believed.

Meteorologists over at the weather site are claiming that the polar vortex will arrive in November without many prior warnings, and could send temperatures tumbling down even lower than it did in the four-month period from December 2013 to April 2014.

While the thought of frosty breeze, heaps of snow and indoor confinement sure is depressing, the good news is that this season's polar vortex may not be as unrelenting as last time's. Moreover, it wouldn't fully kick in until January and February next year.

"I think, primarily, we'll see that happening in mid-January into February but again, it's not going to be the same type of situation as we saw last year, not as persistent,"'sweather expertPaul Pastelokpredicted before adding:"The cold of last season was extreme because it was so persistent. We saw readings that we haven't seen in a long time: 15- to 20-below-zero readings."

Polar vortices aren't a new climatic occurrence by any means, yet most people weren't familiar with it until last year on account of its previous cold waves never being as intense. It caught both the administrationas well as the general public off-guard as life in large parts of both the U.S. and Canada got completely disrupted for months. It also created scenes never seen before by our generation, such as these:

frozen fountain

Frozen toilet water

Frozen Niagara Falls

Frozen everything

Even in those chilling conditions people still managed to find the funny side. One famous activity that made the rounds back then was throwing boiling water in the air to watch it turn into snow. Some were successful with their experiment, while others got burnt.

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