Norwegian Cops May Be Really Cool But It’s Unfair To Compare Them To U.S. Police

The footage of the humorous and laid back manner in which two Norwegian policemen coped with a drunken man has won them a lot of fans in the U.S. Americans have started comparing the Norwegian methods to those used by the cops at home and prefer the Scandinavian way of dealing with someone under the influence. However, the criticism of U.S. cops might be a little unfair.

The video shows two Norwegian policemen dealing with an aggressively loud drunk. The more aggressive he gets, the calmer the two law enforcers become, often resorting to humor to relax the wasted individual.

The footage, put up by LiveLeak, is from a Norwegian police reality show. 

“I am not intoxicated for f#@k's sake." The f#@king police are hunting me down. I get so f#@king angry," the man shouts. Instead of taking him down as is often seen on America’s Wildest Police Videos, the Norwegian cops respond with laughter and almost apologetically add, "You are a little funny right now.” 

It is indeed an admirable way of dealing with the situation. But then again, in a country like Norway where crime levels are incredibly low, the police can afford to be laid back.

Police in Norway has a quite different approach to arresting, laughter is preferred over violence & guns :)

Over in the U.S., the situation is entirely different and people drawing a comparison perhaps fail to realize that American cops have to deal with a whole different brand of criminal, while a drunken lout is probably the worst kind of offender in Norway.

 “This is so funny. Imagine this situation in USA. Would have ended much differently...,” says a viewer.

"The American version would have ended with 16 gunshots at the 0:03 time mark," writes another.

 "With a taze at the 0:01 mark," a third one quips in.

Someone else plays out an entire scenario, “In American he would have been shot.....2 bystanders also would have been shot and killed by the cops and the bloke filming arrested.”

Yes, there have been an increasing number of incidents involving police brutality in the United States. In fact, October 22, 2013, was marked as the “National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality” and demonstrators in several cities railed against the incidents.

Obviously cases like the shooing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida and the Miami Police wrestling a 14-year-old kid to the ground for ‘dehumanizing stares’ and ‘clenched fists’,  did not help the reputation of law enforcers much.

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Regardless, it is important to reiterate that dealing with aggressive behavior is probably the most dangerous situation cops in Norway have to face.

The Scandinavian nation’s has the lowest murder rate in the world and the number of people incarcerated is a mere fraction of that in the United States.

The U.S. police, on the other hand, have to deal with murderers, gangsters and drug dealers. Therefore, it is imperative to immediately arrest anyone behaving drunk and aggressive because that person could well be armed.

Even though crime in the U.S. has been dwindling over the years, according to FBI statistics, it’s still very high.

In 2012, 48 law enforcement officers died from injuries sustained in the line of duty, whereas 52,901 officers were assaulted. Over the last decade, cops had to face an increased number of teenagers waving guns in their face; bomb threats and terrorist attacks.

No wonder they are constantly on their toes and prepared for the worst at any given moment.

The rise in police brutality across the United States cannot be denied; but its force cannot be compared to a country like Norway. It’s simply unfair.

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