Yet Another Case of Police Brutality? Cop High-Fived Deadbody

The allegation comes in the face of crumbling police defense and fuels the perception of police brutality against unarmed teens.

Zachary Hammond

The murder case of teen Zachary Hammond, who was shot at and killed by an officer of South Caroline police, has taken a new, and sickening turn. A new set of allegations against the police have surfaced, as a witness claims that one of the officers of Seneca, South Carolina Police Force took Hammond's lifeless hand after the shooting and 'high-fived' it.

Zachary Hammond news

These allegations, filed by Hammond's attorney Eric Bland, come at a time when the police has denied all claims leveled against them, and has stated that Lt. Mark Tiller shot at Zachary in self-defense when the teen started to drive towards him.

But this defense of the Seneca police has been weakened by the second autopsy report, which proves that the bullets entered Hammond's car through the driver's side window. The family believes that this evidences the fact that Tiller was not in the car's way.

This claim, if proven to be true, will only add to the public distrust mounting against the police. It will also confirm the need of a reform within the police force. In recent times, more and more cases of police brutality against unarmed citizens have come to light sparking widespread protests and debates about police reforms.

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