Angry And Resentful: Cops Turn Their Backs To de Blasio At Slain Officer’s Funeral

NYPD officers vent their rage at Mayor Bill de Blasio for his perceived unsupportive actions toward police.

New York City Police Department

Approximately 25,000 police officers attended the funeral of slain police officer Rafael Ramos, who was murdered a week ago in an ambush by 28-year-old Ismayiil Abdullah. Officers from NYPD were joined by their colleagues from across the country in what is being dubbed as “one of the largest send-offs in the history of the department.”

Although the officers did their best to show solidarity with their murdered colleague, they did little to conceal the tension between the police department and the mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio. The moment de Blasio began his eulogy of the officer, the cops turned their backs on their backs on the TV monitors broadcasting his address. The act was a reminder of the ever-increasing divide between the cops and de Blasio.

Earlier, a sign reading “Dump de Blasio” was also raised.

“Our hearts are aching, we’re feeling this physically,” de Blasio said. “All of this city is grieving … for many reasons but the most personal is that we’ve lost such a good man.”

Vice President Joe Biden also attended the service and called the NYPD “the finest in the world” to great applause. He then urged the police officers, in an allusion to the friction between NYPD and the community it serves, “to show the nation how to bridge any divide."

Moving scenes were witnessed in the chilly morning at Christ Tabernacle Church as family and friends bid their last goodbye to the fallen officer. Police officers hugged and held hands. The family of the officer stood huddled together and his son Jaden silently wept for his father.

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