Police Thought Jolly Ranchers Were Crystal Meth

NYPD officers detained a man for drug possession, thinking he was holding crystal meth. It was actually a bunch of Jolly Ranchers.

Jolly Ranchers

Supporters of New York City's stop-and-frisk policy claim that it is a valuable tool for fighting crime.  Guns and drugs get off the streets, they say, and it keeps the streets safe.  The problem with that is when the cops who perform the stopping and frisking do not know what they are doing, or completely confuse an innocent, innocuous object as contraband.  Such is the case with one Brooklyn man, whose only crime was carrying Jolly Ranchers around.  Actually, carrying Jolly Ranchers is not a crime, it is just that police officers confused Jolly Ranchers for crystal meth.

NYPD officers stopped Love Olatunjiojo, a 25 year old based around Coney Island, and questioned him.  They likely performed stop and frisk, and uncovered two "red crystalline rocks of solid material" and four "blue crystaline rocks of solid material."  Thinking Olatunjiojo was carrying crystal meth, which is apparently a "crystalline rock of solid material," the cops arrested the man for possession, and threw him in a precinct jail for 24 hours, questioning him in the process while they analyzed the "rocks."  Eventually, it took two days for test results to come back:  The rocks were not in fact meth, but Jolly Ranchers, which is not a drug, let alone a controlled substance (despite what some anti-sugar people want you to believe).

Crystal Meth

The police officers have since released Love Olatunjiojo, and the court is looking to dismiss the charges.  Olatunjiojo, obviously, is livid, and suing the NYPD for unlawful detainment and illegal search and seizure.  A better idea would be for the DEA, or whoever handles law enforcement on drug-related crimes, to teach police officers the difference between hard candy and hard drugs.  It is not that hard to do.  Besides, as demonstrated above, while crystal meth may come in a variety of colors (which have nothing to do with drug purity, contrary to what Breaking Bad told you), Jolly Ranchers look very different from crystal meth rocks.  Something like this should have been obvious from the start.

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