The Terrifying Moment A Motorist Escapes His Car Before It Bursts Into Flames

“It was like it had been hit with a rocket,” stated a witness shocked by the incident.

A brave motorist cheated death after he escaped his car seconds before it burst into flames.

The explosion occurred as the traffic signal went green on a still road at Gliwice, Poland.

Tomasz Morawski, 34, dauntlessly removed all possible canisters containing butane and propane gas in order to avoid a massive explosion. He said, “I'm just glad I was able to get the gas canisters out in time otherwise this could have been a lot, lot worse.”

Firefighters doused the vehicle with water, calming the fire. “We sealed off the road as at that point traffic was still going by and we had no idea if or when the engine would exploded,” said a  fire-brigade spokesman, adding his department is now examining the car to try and identify the cause of the explosion.

The drivers in passing vehicles were stunned and shocked at this unexpected explosion. However, nobody pulled over to gather around the burning car, which was a wise decision because the flames could have easily spread and led to more destruction.

One stunned witness, Michal Buwoski, 29, said, “I was going in the opposite direction and was waiting for the lights to change when I saw the car suddenly go up in flames with a massive whoosh.”

“It was like it had been hit with a rocket,” he added.                     

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