Political Commitment Is Best Guarantee To Achieve Development Goals

King Mohammed VI addressed, on Monday, the Summit on the Millennium Development Goals held September 20-22 in New York. A firm political commitment made by all our countries and supported by a global, specific partnership mechanism, with a clear implementation timetable, provides the best guarantee for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) said King of Morocco. "At the same time, we need to anticipate potential problems and start thinking about the broad lines of our action beyond 2015, so as to ensure the continuity of our endeavors and be prepared to meet new challenges," the Sovereign underlined in an address on Monday before the summit on the Millennium Development Goals held in New York. The King stressed that to achieve this goal it is necessary to undertake "a collective action to strengthen the foundations of a global, harmonious, solidarity-based system to promote sustainable human development, in which efficient, equitable governance should play a key role so that we may offer upcoming generations a dignified life and build a future of peace, stability, progress and prosperity for all." Recalling that the common commitment made at the Millennium Summit has changed the lives of millions of people who are now enjoying their rights to education, health, employment and a dignified life, the Sovereign wondered how the conscience of mankind remain indifferent to the plight of more than one billion people who continue to suffer from hunger, and to the millions of children who die annually from malnutrition as well as from diseases and epidemics for which treatment is both available and affordable? "Certainly not. Such a bitter reality simply cannot be tolerated. Not only is it inconsistent with the aims of the revealed religions, of democracy and of international conventions, but it also contradicts the lofty human ideals of brotherhood, solidarity and justice. Sadly, this situation is also being exploited to foment hatred and fuel extremism," the So