Politicians Are Casually Suggesting Internment Camps For Refugees

This truly feels like World War II all over again.


It’s not just Donald Trump and Ben Carson who have insane views on the current situation the U.S. is facing in admitting Syrian refugees. Many other politicians have jumped into mix, including state representatives.

Republican Rhode Island Senator Elaine Morgan recently demonstrated some thorough ignorance when she wrote in an email that, “[t]he Muslim religion and philosophy is to murder, rape, and decapitate anyone is a non-Muslim. If the U.S. does take these people in, we should set up refugee camp to keep them segregated from our populous.”

Firstly, the Islam advocates no such thing. Secondly, have we time traveled back to World War II? Substitute “these people” for the Japanese, and this could be a quote straight from 1945.

Representative Mike Moon from Missouri has also chosen to add his valuable two cents into the conversation, calling to “tie the governor’s hands…[and] stop the potential Islamization of Missouri,” because admitting a few hundred refugees apparently leads to a full Islamic state.

House GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada even thinks we might need to get the National Guard involved, declaring, “We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop [the refugees] from coming in to the state by whatever means we can.”

All this follows the bizarrely tone-deaf statements from the Roanoke mayor who thought President Roosevelt’s decision to use internment camps for Japanese-Americans during WWII was justified, and that we should now be doing the same. 

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, Takver

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