Politicians Can't Hide Behind Lame Gun Control Excuses Anymore

The NRA doesn't want a legitimate debate on gun safety because it knows it'll lose.

Anti-gun control politicians won't have a place to hide during the upcoming U.S. midterm elections.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making good on his promise to stand up to the gun lobby and pressure politicians on gun safety issues.

His group, Everytown for Gun Safety, has a survey for all federal candidates to lock down their opinions on gun control and safety. We're not talking abolishing the 2nd amendment here. Everytown is pushing for common sense gun safety measures, like requiring background checks and limiting magazine sizes.

You'd think these would be no-brainers. But Congress has repeatedly refused to act while Americans in the tens of thousands are mowed down by gunfire each year.

The survey doesn't let politicians duck behind tired excuses like, "If we get rid of legal guns, only the criminals will have them."

Anti-gun control extremists would have you believe Everytown is on a march to seize all guns in the U.S. It's not. 

Look at these common sense questions candidates will be asked. This isn't about destroying anyone's freedoms. It's about safety and thoughtful solutions to America's deadly gun problem.

2014 Gun Sense Voter Federal Candidate Questionnaire

1. Do you agree: we can both do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and protect the rights of responsible, law-abiding people?

2. Do you support requiring background checks for all gun sales (with reasonable exceptions such as for transfers between close family members and temporary transfers for hunting and self-defense)? 

3. Do you support a law that would prohibit gun possession by convicted stalkers and people convicted of—or, who after due process, are actively restrained from—abusing a dating partner? 

4. Do you support legislation that would level the playing field by treating sites like Armslist as licensed gun brokers, and require a background check every time someone buys a gun through one of these sites? 

5. Do you support an increase in congressional funding for the federal grant programs that help states submit their [National Instant Criminal Background Check System] records?

6. People listed on the federal government’s terror watch lists are prohibited from boarding airplanes—but current federal law does not bar them from buying guns or explosives. Do you support legislation—drafted by the George W. Bush administration—that would close this “terror gap” by giving the FBI the discretion to block these  people from buying guns?

7. Do you support legislation that would create a strong federal gun trafficking statute with serious penalties?

8. Do you support limits on the capacity of ammunition magazines? 

9. Do you support laws that allow a prosecutor to bring charges if a gun owner stores a firearm negligently, a minor accesses the gun, and harm results? 

10. Do you oppose national concealed carry reciprocity, which would overturn state public safety laws and replace them with a lowest-common denominator standard?


Let the NRA's typical mouth-frothing commence. But no one who is willing to legitimately debate gun rights can claim these measures would do anything but increase safety.

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