Cubans Like Barack Obama Way More Than Either Of The Castro Brothers, Poll Says

Obama’s popularity in Cuba is unprecedented by that of the native leaders.


U.S. President Barack Obama is apparently a very popular figure in Cuba.

As suggested by this historic survey of Cuba, the natives of the Island are bigger fans of the American president than they are of their own leaders, the Castro brothers. In fact, Obama is almost twice as admired there as he is in his own homeland.

Miami-based firm Bendixen and Amandi conducted the independent poll in March on behalf of Univision Noticias-Fusion and The Washington Post without the consent of the Cuban government. The process involved 1,200 door-to-door interviews with the residents across the Island.

The results disclose that 80 percent of Cubans have a positive opinion of Obama compared to the favorability rating of Fidel Castro at 44 percent and Cuban President Raul Castro at 47 percent.

Moreover, it also revealed that nearly 97 percent of the Cubans believe the normalization of relations with U.S. is good for their country. The same percentage of Cubans says that the economic embargo should also end. However, only 53 percent believe the United States to be a “friend of Cuba.”

Nine out of 10 Cubans also hope that Obama will be the first U.S. president to visit the island since Calvin Coolidge did in the 1928.

This survey comes just in time when the U.S. is planning to improve the frayed relations between the two nations. Both the presidents are set to meet face-to-face on Friday at the “Summit of the Americas” for the first time since their historic handshake in 2013.

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