Pollster: Marijuana "Legalization Is Only A Matter Of Time"

A new Quinnipiac poll shows that the majority of Americans favors legalization of marijuana, and that those who oppose skew older.

New polling data suggests that most Americans favor legalizing marijuana. A Quinnipiac poll showed that full legalization has the support of 51% of the country to 44% against. There were substantial differences among age groups and genders, that showed that those opposed to legalizaing marijuana are largely older and (surprisingly) female.

The poll showed that age differences really do make a huge difference in drug policy opinions. Americans aged 18-29 support legalization  by an enormous margin: 67% in favor, 29% opposed. The next age bracket, 30-44, is also stronlgly in favor, albeit not quite as enthusiastically: 58% just say yes while 39% say no. Even when we go up to Americans aged 45-64, the results are split, 48-47. It is only the 65 and over crowd who oppose legalization, and they do so by a wide margin: 56% to 35%, more or less a flip of Americans 30-44.

The more surprising split came between men and women. Men support legalization 59-36, while women oppose, 52-44. The legalization movement may have a "mom problem": women are worried about the safety and wellbeing of their kids if marijuana becomes legal.

Given the age discrepency, Peter Brown, Assistant Director at Quinnipiac Polling Institute said that "legalization is just a matter of time."

The results may further embolden state legislatures, like those in New England, all of which will be considering legalization bills in the coming year. The best bet of those to actually go through with it: Vermont.

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