Poor Possum! New Year's Eve Animal Drop Causes Outrage

The city of Brasstown has been facing an ongoing legal battle with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Yes, dropping a live animal in a clear box to celebrate New Year's Eve is a thing. In America. 

Must. Know. More. 

Here's the strange scoop: For years, the tiny town of Brasstown, North Carolina has been lowering a plexiglass box holding a live possum from a pole at Clay’s Corner Convenience Store at midnight on Dec. 31. It's a "hillbilly homage" to the ball drop in Times Square. 

You'd better bet that some backwoods tears are being shed in N.C.  this year because due to some legal mumbo-jumbo, the Possum Drop will be possum-less.

PETA waged a ferocious three-year court battle stating that it's cruel to subject a shy creature to cold mountain air, fireworks and brass band. File that observation under "DUH". 

Festival organizer Clay Logan said, in what we can only imagine is a disappointed sigh, “We’ll probably just lower some other form of possum, a dead possum, road kill maybe, or possum stew,” Mr. Logan said. “It is the Possum Drop after all.”  

Mmmmm...Nothing says "Hello 2015" like a clear box o' roadkill. 

Maybe Ryan Seacrest can make a celebrity appearance? Insert "dead possum" joke here: ______________

Still feeling badly for the animal? This will cheer you up! Enjoy a video of a happy possum munching down on a strawberry


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