Poor Possum! New Year's Eve Animal Drop Causes Outrage

Suzanne Robertson
The city of Brasstown has been facing an ongoing legal battle with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Yes, dropping a live animal in a clear box to celebrate New Year's Eve is a thing. In America. 

Must. Know. More. 

Here's the strange scoop: For years, the tiny town of Brasstown, North Carolina has been lowering a plexiglass box holding a live possum from a pole at Clay’s Corner Convenience Store at midnight on Dec. 31. It's a "hillbilly homage" to the ball drop in Times Square. 

You'd better bet that some backwoods tears are being shed in N.C.  this year because due to some legal mumbo-jumbo, the Possum Drop will be possum-less.

PETA waged a ferocious three-year court battle stating that it's cruel to subject a shy creature to cold mountain air, fireworks and brass band. File that observation under "DUH". 

Festival organizer Clay Logan said, in what we can only imagine is a disappointed sigh, “We’ll probably just lower some other form of possum, a dead possum, road kill maybe, or possum stew,” Mr. Logan said. “It is the Possum Drop after all.”  

Mmmmm...Nothing says "Hello 2015" like a clear box o' roadkill. 

Maybe Ryan Seacrest can make a celebrity appearance? Insert "dead possum" joke here: ______________

Still feeling badly for the animal? This will cheer you up! Enjoy a video of a happy possum munching down on a strawberry