Congratulations Texans, You Might Be Able Play With Your Pop-Tart Guns And Eat Them Too!

Schoolchildren who play with their food has sparked a whole political undercurrent about gun culture in the U.S.

texas poptart gun law

Texas State Rep. Ryan Guillen, a Rio Grande City Democrat, is championing legislation called the "Pop-Tart gun" bill in Texas. If passed, it would stop schools from punishing students who use their hands, playthings and even food to mimic firearms.  

The lawmaker cites an incident in Maryland where a second-grade student was suspended, allegedly for chewing his Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun. Although, no such occurrences have happened in Texas, Guillen would obviously like to avoid that. The proposed bill would protect students up to fifth grade.

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Earlier this year, Florida felt the same way and got the bill approved by the Education Committee. But in that case, they were also concerned when an 8-year-old student was suspended for using his hands to gesture a gun during a game.

“Texas students shouldn't lose instruction time for holding gun-shaped Pop-Tart snacks at school,” said Guillen. “This bill will fix this.” It is designed to protect students from being punished for playing with imaginary guns, a fairly normal activity young children do.

However, the situation regarding guns in the U.S. apparently is anything but ordinary, where school shootings are being reported more frequently. Yet Texas state Sen. John Whitmire doesn’t quite support the bill, saying he would vote against it.

“I believe strongly that common sense should be the guide,” he said. “I just think you have to, in my judgment, leave it to local administrators and school campus administrators to weigh the circumstances.”

Who knew a kid playing with their food would inspire so many opinions? The Pop-Tart bill is a little difficult to swallow, but knowing the increasing levels of gun culture and school shootings, it’s not surprising how worried some people are.

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