Portland Boy Trying to Sack Hunger in Portland with PB&Js

Kadin Adam, 10, doesn't just play football, he lives it.

Kadin Adam, 10, doesn't just play football, he lives it.

As a quarterback on a Parkrose Youth Football team, there's always been something about beating a tackle he loves.

"You get to run the ball and score a touchdown," he said.

But this summer, there's a new end zone Kadin has his sights set on. He's collecting cans and bottles by the dozen and using the money to buy food for the hungry in downtown Portland.

Once he cashes in on the cans and bottles, he buys the fixings for his favorite sandwich: the PB&J. Then, with the help of his mother, he cranks out one sandwich after another.

With sandwiches in hand, he delivers the PB&Js to those living on the streets of downtown Portland.

"It's more than just honorable," one homeless man told FOX 12. "It's something he wants to do for a lot of people who are struggling, and I think that's great."

Ending hunger in Portland might seem like a tall task for anyone, but Kadin said he's just doing his part with his PB&J blitz.

"If we all pitched in a little bit, we could all help feed the homeless people," Kadin said.