Possessive Chinese Man Fattens Up Girlfriend So She Never Leaves Him [PHOTOS]

He even woke up in the middle of the night to feed her midnight snacks.

Jealous man fattens up girlfriend to ward off other men

A paranoid boyfriend in China found an ingenious – yet unhealthy – way to ensure that his attractive girlfriend doesn’t leave him for someone else.

Natives of South China’s Guangdong province, 25-year-old You Pan started dating 20-year-old Yan Tai almost two years ago. Yan only weighed a little over 44 kg when the couple first met, though now she weighs roughly 90 kg, all thanks to her beloved boyfriend.

As it appears, You was worried that his beautiful girlfriend might stray or that any possible romantic rivals might pop up. To make sure that none of that happens, he began feeding her large amount of food so she fattens up and doesn’t receive any male attention.

The possessive guy reportedly spent large sums of money to treat his girlfriend to lavish meals five times a day. He even woke up in middle of the night to feed her midnight snacks.

Woman who was 'fattened up' by jealous boyfriend

Recently, You went down on one knee in front of the couple’s favorite restaurant and popped up the big question with a bouquet of Ferrero Roche. Luckily for him, his girlfriend agreed. He even said that he’ll continue to feed her even after they get married.

Well, let’s just hope he stops his bizarre scheme before it gets out of hand and the poor girl ends up with some kind of eating disorder, because that won’t be a good end to their disturbingly romantic love story.

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