Possible Evidence From MH370 Found On Australian Beach

This small piece of potential evidence might be the key to finding the plane.

Malaysia Airlines Towelette Found on Beach

A Malaysia Airlines Towelette has washed up on a beach in Australia, and it might be a very important piece of evidence in the search for the missing plane, according to ABC News. 

However, the towelette washed up on shore last July, and this is the first time it is being reported.

It's been more than a year since MH370 has disappeared. In that time, not much has been found of the plane, and loved ones of the victims are still looking for some closure.

The airplane towelette that says 'Malaysia Airlines' on it, had washed up on a western Australian beach where a couple strolling along, discovered it.

 The towelette was unopened, and is currently being tested to see whether or not it could be the first piece of confirmed evidence from the missing plane.

However, the towelette is a general item and it is not likely that it could be connected to the missing aircraft. Even if it was, there might be little it could tell us about the plane's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the search is still on for the aircraft itself, and anything that could lead to the plane is being taken seriously; even a little towelette.

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