Post Morsi Egypt: What Now?

A year after he took office as Egypt's first democratically elected president; Mohammed Morsi has been ousted by the military.

Post Morsi Egypt

A year after he took office as Egypt's first democratically elected president; Mohammed Morsi has been ousted by the military.

The chief of the armed forces, General Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi suspended the constitution and promised that presidential and parliamentary elections will follow soon.

So what now? At the moment there are three factors dominating the Egyptian scenario, the people, the army and the Muslim Brotherhood. How the three behave, interact and indeed react to the happenings of the last few days, will mean a lot for the future of the nation.

The People:

Post Morsi Egypt

They know their power now. It had taken 18 days of protests to remove Hosni Mubarak, a leader who had ruled them for 30 years.

When a hard earned democracy didn’t go the way it was supposed to, they took to the streets again, until their unwanted leader was deposed.

Their discontent:

We reject you … Because Security has not been recovered so far

We reject you… Because the deprived one has still no place to fit

We reject you … Because we are still begging loans from the outside

We reject you … Because no justice has been brought to the martyrs

We reject you. .. Because no dignity was left neither for me nor for my country

We reject you… Because the economy has collapsed, and depends only on begging

We reject you… Because Egypt is still following the footsteps of the USA

They may not settle for anything they do not deserve ever again now. This much power, however, is quite hard to handle and sometime it becomes hard to draw the line and go back behind the work desks and hearth and home.

The Army

Post Morsi Egypt

 Even though viewed as the heroes right now, an army is not the one to run a country. However, they have an idea of their strength and importance now and may now be tempted to act more forcefully in political affairs in the future. Any such ambitions will neither sit well with people at home nor abroad but it is a big fear for many!

Muslim Brotherhood

Post Morsi Egypt

What is the future of Muslim Brotherhood? They are likely to act radically and step down and walk out of politics. But that may not be the case at all. As we have witnessed, they seem to enjoy authority a bit too much. They are not likely going anywhere soon.

The Opposition

The opposition will definitely take over after the ousting of Morsi. But that mostly means people of the old regime. How that will be tackled remains to be seen

One thing is for sure, though, that there definitely has to be a dialogue between political and civic groups. The danger is that both sides will try to settle differences by bringing supporters on to the streets.

The next government's primary task will also be tackling a severe economic crisis. Failure to deal with these problems will only lead to deeper disappointment and could continue the cycle of protests.

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