Pot Clubs Open In Colorado

Clubs where people may use marijuana (though they can't buy it, which is still illegal) have opened all over Colorado, which legalized pot with a ballot referendum in November

Well that didn't take long. Clubs in Colorado where people may smoke and eat marijuana have opened up across the state. The clubs do not sell marijuana, because selling pot is still illegal under state law, but people may pay a $29.99 membership fee and bring their own joints (or bongs, brownies, etc.) and do a little puff-puff-pass while, say, watching The Big Lebowski, or just enjoying the ambience.

Marijuana symbolism was in full effect at Club 64, just north of Denver, which opened their gates at, 4:20 (of course) on December 31st, as reggae music bumped in the background. The 64 of Club 64 refers to the ballot referendum making marijuana legal in Colorado this past November. Around 9pm, DJs came in, and built the mood until midnight, when Club 64's members counted down to a new kind of new year.

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