Powerful Video Encourages Men To Stand Up To Rape Culture

A powerful video is taking the Internet by storm and encouraging fathers — and all men — to actively fight against rape culture instead of standing idly by.

The video created by Norwegian women’s rights organization CARE is narated by a man’s unborn daughter and depicts the horrifying instances of violence and sexism a woman will possibly experiences during her lifetime.

The narrator describes how by 14 year old she will be called a whore, groped and pressured to have sex at 16 years old raped at 21 years old and finally involved in an abusive relationship.

The “Dear Daddy” video highlights how society often treats misogyny as a joke, but when one in three women worldwide will experience physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime, the laughter should stop. 

Unfortunately, our culture refuses to take sexual violence seriously instead treating the subject lightly not only with perceived harmless jokes but in policy as well.

As Addicting Info rightly asserts, the United States is more concerned with counter terrorism initiatives than women’s lives.

“[Domestic abuse]  killed 18,000 American women in the last 12 years. This means that more women have been killed at the hands of their husbands and boyfriends since 9/11 than Americans died during 9/11 and in all terror attacks and wars since. This year, the country will spend $38bn on Homeland Security, and $598bn on defense. It is estimated that America will spend just $4bn addressing violence against women.”

Americans’ large magnetic focus on terrorism threats has overshadowed the country’s greater epidemic — sexual violence and physical abuse against women.

Most individuals often dismiss offensive jokes as innocent fun and those that reject them as just being too sensitive and politically correct. Yet the video drives home a pertinent point that these remarks might provide an instant chuckle, but in the long term they feed into society’s twisted vacuum that tolerates violence against women and subsequently shames them for these attacks. 

“One thing always leads to another, so please stop it before it gets the chance to begin," the narrator says.

This is not to discredit the very real issue that men are survivors of domestic violence as well, but the majority of women face this problem from men so the gender as a whole needs to take responsibility in shutting down the sexist language before it cascades into abuse.

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