Video Shows Cops Slamming 8-Month Pregnant Woman To The Ground

A pregnant woman becomes a victim of another incident of senseless brutality by police.

The video above shows  Charlena Cooks of Barstow, California, eight months pregnant, screaming “please stop” as cops wrestle her to the ground.

The incident apparently occurred on Jan. 26 this year, when police were called by the Crestline Elementary School to investigate a complaint made by a school employee against Cooks.

The complainant told police Cooks not only sped through the parking lot, but also cut her off and then confronted her.

"She gets out of her car, punches my window ... [and] starts screaming at me," the woman can be heard telling police, adding that Cooks "scared the hell" out of her.

The officer told the female complainant he saw no evidence of a "crime that has been committed," but told her he would speak with Cooks.

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Cooks denied threatening the other woman or hitting her car.

"She called the police for whatever reason, I don't know," she can be heard saying. "Should I feel threatened by her because she's white? Because she's white and she's making threats to me?"

The officer then asked Cooks’ name, which she refuses to give. The officers give her a chance to call her boyfriend but soon enough they can be seen wrestling her to the ground, handcuffing her and taking her back to their car as she screams, "Please, I'm pregnant. Please, stop this."

Cooks was later charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor that was later dropped.

Barstow police however, defended Cooks' arrest saying, "It is apparent that Ms. Cook (sic) actively resisted arrest," the department said.

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