Pregnant CNN Correspondent Passes Out On Live Television

CNN correspondent Poppy Harlow fainted on air while she was filling in for Carol Costello on "CNN Newsroom."

CNN correspondent Poppy Harlow gave viewers quite a scare when she suddenly passed out during a live segment.

Harlow was filling in for Carol Costello on “CNN Newsroom” and had begun sharing the results of a recent poll regarding President Barack Obama’s handling of terrorism as her speech started to slur and she could be heard gasping for air before losing consciousness.

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The network did damage control by cutting to commercial before Harlow returned to air to explain she had gotten hot and passed out momentarily. She assured viewers she was fine, but that they were going to take a break.

According to a CNN spokeswoman, Harlow is six months pregnant which may explain the random dizzy spell.

Harlow later took to Twitter to let everyone know she and the baby were A-OK as confirmed by a doctor. 

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Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @Zap2it 

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