President Obama Makes Phone Calls To Volunteers (Video)


President Barack Obama took a break from his second presidential debate preparations to stop by a local campaign office in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The President was spending the weekend at a resort in Williamsburg, Virginia, preparing for the second Presidential debate on Tuesday with the former governor of Massachusetts and presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Senator John Kerry will once again be impersonating Mitt Romney in mock debates with Obama, and advisers David Axelrod, David Plouffe and others are also helping the President gear up for the second presidential debates. All efforts to make sure, Barrack Obama give a sharper performance this time. His lackluster encounter with Romney during their first debate cost him precious mileage and gave Romney an unexpected lead.

President Barack Obama faces a serious challenge to put his re-election bid back on track when the two men face off on Tuesday in their second debate.

Virginia is a battleground state, and the president's choice of location for debate preparation not far from Washington is not an accident. As he did during his stay in Nevada before the first debate, Obama made an unscheduled stop in the area to generate local press coverage during his stay.

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