President Obama Takes Lead in Pre-Election Polls (Video)

President Obama is back up in the latest Ipson/ Reuters Daily Election Tracking poll from 42 percent after the Republican Convention to 48 percent as of this week.

Romney stands at 43 percent. But it was to be expected after the bad luck he’s been facing for the past few weeks. As if being accused by Democrats and some of his own party members for slamming Obama's response to attacks on U.S. diplomatic compounds in Egypt and Libya wasn’t enough, his “47 percent” comment cemented his misfortune.

Former Republican congressman Mark Kennedy had some word of advice for Romney, "... And if you look at most of the challenges that Romney's had it isn't because of something Obama's done, it's been self-inflicted. So just focus on looking Presidential, giving solid answers to each question ... and that in the end could be the result of him getting this campaign back on track."

With only a few weeks left until the US Presidential elections, Romney is banking on his performance in upcoming debates.

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