President Obama Visits Storm Ravaged New York (Video)


U.S. President Obama visited areas of New York hit by Hurricane Sandy, offering residents short and long-term help. 

U.S. President Barack Obama got a firsthand look at the damages from superstorm Sandy. With residents still trying to recover some two weeks after the storm hit, the President walked through destroyed sections of the borough of Staten Island, hugging and chatting with people whose lives were shattered by Sandy and pledged to provide help as long as they needed it.

It was his first trip to New York since the storm and his re-election.

The gigantic storm caused an estimated $50 billion in damage as it inundated lower Manhattan with seawater, rearranged the New Jersey shore and Long Island, and tore up neighborhoods in far-flung areas of New York City's outer boroughs.

"I'm very proud of you, New York," President Obama said, "You guys are tough. You bounce back."

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