President Obama Introduces New SCOTUS Justice Elena Kagan

"Native New Yorker Elena Kagan joined President Obama today at a reception celebrating her confirmation as the 112th Supreme Court justice. On hand, besides many members of Kagan's family, was the widow of late Justice Thurgood Marshall. THE PRESIDENT: This is a good day. Good afternoon, everybody. Welcome to the White House. I am pleased that all of you could be here today as we celebrate the next member of our nation’s highest court. And while she may be feeling a twinge of sadness about giving up the title of “General” ---- a cool title -- I think we can all agree that “Justice Elena Kagan” has a pretty nice ring to it. We are very honored to be joined today by two of Elena’s new colleagues -- Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Anthony Kennedy -- and we’re thankful for their presence. Justice Kennedy assured me that he would keep Justice Kagan out of trouble, and Justice Ginsburg assured me that she would get Justice Kagan into trouble. So we’ll see how that works out. We’re also pleased to have several members of Congress, as well as our Cabinet here today; and of course members of Elena’s family. And thanks to all of you for your service and for taking time to be here today. I also want to express my gratitude to our Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Leahy; Ranking Member, Senator Sessions; Majority Leader Reid; and Republican Leader McConnell, for seeing to it that Elena got a full, fair and timely hearing. After more than 80 one-on-one meetings and 17 hours of testimony, I’d say that the Senate got a pretty good look at Elena Kagan. They got a good sense of her judicial philosophy, her commitment to the rule of law, her rich understanding of our Constitution, and of course, where she can be found on Christmas Day."