President Obama & President Medvedev Joint Press Conference

At a joint press conference today with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, President Obama joked about how one popular technology might help the two countries move past traditional Cold War-style diplomacy. The technology in question was Twitter - or as Mr. Obama put it, signaling he might be less familiar with the technology than he let on, "Twitters." During his speech, Mr. Obama made reference to the fact that Medvedev "visited the headquarters of Twitters where he opened his own account." Speaking of Medvedev starting a Twitter account, Mr. Obama said, "I have one, as well, so we may be able to finally throw away those red phones that have been sitting around for so long." The "red phone" Mr. Obama was referring to was the direct line that ostensibly connected the White House to the Kremlin during the Cold War, made famous in movies like 1964's "Fail Safe," starring Henry Fonda as the president.