President Obama's Nowruz Message

On Iranian festival of the New Year Barack Obama also referred back to a similar video message posted by him on the same day last year when he greeted the Iranian leadership but also showed his disappointment since they didn’t return any good response. A full transcript of the above noted historic video speech has been made available for the Iranian public while it has been translated in both Persian as well as Arabic. The video speech in question is pretty detailed one and in order to understand what Barack Obama is trying to convey; one should better watch the entire video in one sitting. Brief description of the same, however, suggests that the President of the United States is displeased on Iranian leaders’ turning their backs to a certain pathway to prosperity and that they have only responded with a clenched fist to an extended hand. Towards the end of his speech Obama says that “I still believe what I said last year by quoting Poet Saadi’s sayings with regards to Adam’s childr