Vladimir Putin Has Mad Hockey Skills, Faces Kids In A Pickup Game

Watch the Russian president join forces with some of the best hockey players in the country for a friendly game against a team of young school children.

Vladimir Putin marked the beginning of the school year in Russia in quite a unique way – by vanquishing a team of students in a hockey match, with the help of some of the country’s most formidable players.

As if the world needed more evidence for how macho and athletic Russian president is, the 62-year-old took the field with superstar players Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin and legends like Viacheslav Fetisov and Pavel Bure, to face the lineup of startled schoolboys from Sirius Educational Center for gifted children at the Shaiba arena in Sochi.

Putting his insane skills on display, the president even managed to fire a wrist shot – meaning he softly flicked a puck on net. In the end, team Putin won 9-5.

Surprise, surprise.

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As epic as the entire thing was, it wasn’t a fair fight, seeing Putin’s team consisted of two Hart Trophy winners and an Olympian, while the other team only had some young, starstruck kids.

Watch Vladimir Putin slay the opposing team of young players in the video above.

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