Will A Serial Goat Killer Ruin Ties Between China And Russia?

Oh no, Putin… What have you done now? According to a Reuters report, a Siberian tiger released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin is a prime suspect in a series of goat deaths and disappearances in northeastern China.

putin tiger goat killing china

Ustin, one of the three Amur tigers freed by the nature conservationist Putin earlier this year, is suspected of killing two goats who reside on Heixiazi Island in the northern province of Heilongjiang.

According to a Chinese news agency in Xinhua, the dead goats had their skulls crushed, while three from the herd remain missing.

When Putin helped free the three tigers, they were fitted with tracking devices. In October it was said that two of them, Ustin and Kuzya, made their way into China.

Just recently, the media was abuzz with reports of the Russian president hitting on the Chinese first lady – and now this. Hopefully, the matter will be handled and Sino-Russian relations will remain a strategic partnership, despite the antics a serial goat-killing tiger named Ustin.

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