Pressure on Obama to Come Out Punching in Round Two (Video)


Following Mitt Romney's commanding performance in the first presidential debate and the positive bump it gave him in the polls, President Barack Obama is under pressure to perform well in the second presidential debate.

Romney was leading Obama by three points last week but the latest Reuters Ipsos poll shows the president with a one point lead over his Republican rival.

Possible advantages for Obama in round two include the more relaxed town hall format .... the lowest unemployment numbers since he took office... and the benefit of low expectations.

Romney, Doherty says will be expected to build on his previous performance and to offer more details.

Obama's dour, passive performance two weeks ago frustrated many of his liberal supporters. Even Obama himself acknowledged that he was, as he put it, "overly polite."

He will have to show more conviction this time. Aides believe Romney got away with soft-pedaling conservative positions that could alienate moderate voters in the first debate, and they aim to prevent that from happening again.

Tuesday’s debate at New York's Hofstra University will be the second of three.

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