Mass Prison Break In Brazil As Women Seduce And Drug Guards

Approximately 28 prisoners escaped after the guards agreed to a police-themed orgy.

Mass escape from Brazilian prison

Inmates at the Cadeia Pública de Nova Mutum managed to pull out possibly the most unbelievable, humorously tragic prison break of recent times, a drama that culminated in either 27 or 28 of the prisoners gaining liberation.

The events played out like the badly-written script of a C-grade movie, except that they happened in real life.

Two women walked up to the guards late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning and asked them to leave their posts. Now what do you do if you stand guard at a prison housing murder suspects, and two women ask you to have some good time with them? Simple. You leave your posts unattended and take them to the staff quarters.

The two women then drugged the most gullible guards in history with spiked whiskey. Leaving them unconscious and partially naked, they very calmly walked out the front door of the prison with the liberated inmates.

Mass breakout from Brazilian jail after female inmates

Investigators have found police themed lingerie on the spot that they believed was used by the two women.

One of the women is said to be the girlfriend of 18-year-old inmate, Bruno Amorim, who was jailed for attempted murder.

As of now, the police has managed to recapture 11 of the prisoners who fled, while the rest remain on the run.

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