Pro-Israelis rally against President Obama

Over 1000 Americans, Jews included gathered in Midtown Manhattan to protest against the Obama Administration's pressure on Israel to work for peace. The extremists, many of them not even knowing what was the entire trouble in the Middle East was about were caving into the pressure of keeping society membership and support or fear getting ostracized as an Anti-Semite.



In one of the biggest events to take place in New York this spring 1,500 Jews and Pro-Israelites braved the rainy weather to protest against President Barack Obama’s policies for Israel. Such a significant event, however, was neglected by the mainstream media, and apart from a few local crews, no one bothered with the Midtown Manhattan rush.

Eye witnesses offered varying figures of participation. A video taken by journalist, Max Blumenthal, shows him going round and asking opinions of the participants. The reasons revealed were, unsurprisingly polarized. However, the real brilliance of the video was that it showed just how people gave in to their emotions rather than to critical thinking.



During the interviews, one of the protestor when asked about his reason for participation said that the land had belonged to the Jews for centuries and that they had now managed to get the land back. When asked how does the option of building directly on top of the Palestinians sound? It seemed to put the interviewee in a fix who after a pause exclaimed “interesting question”. The exclamation solidifies the lack of understanding that people have about the conflict and mostly form an opinion out of fear for being ostracized. Asked about the Gaza strip, the interviewee holding American flags and an umbrella was clearly at a loss about the territories that are part of Israel and where the Palestinians are.

The birth place and ancestry of the President was drawn through the mud. Another protestor, a New York State Assemblyman, Dov Hikind boisterously expressed that the President was not Barack Obama, but in fact a Muslim hiding under the coat of a Christian with the real name being Barack Hussein Obama. And as he expressed this sentiment, someone from the crowd screamed “He is a Nazi”, implying that the President of America was shielding his swastika somewhere between his cross and crescent.


James Lafferty, of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force posthumously handed Israeli Prime Minister the honorary post of the Leader of the Free World. He also confirmed his vote for Netanyahu running for American Presidency. This was a jibe aimed at Obama, alleging that given his mixed heritage, the citizenship compulsion, it seemed, was no longer a requirement to run for office, thus paving way for Netanyahu to take office.

In essence, the rally demonstrated the commitment Americans show to the Israeli cause. They will give their tax dollars to a country which is not even fighting their war. They will stand by a nation which feels wounded because a segment of its society was persecuted in Europe. This, some Americans view, makes it legitimate to purse and persecute the innocent Palestinians to vacate their lands, be brutally oppressed, and to be hunted. And that they will refuse rationale and accept emotion to try a democratically elected President, for hiding under pretense is testimony to the Jewish brainwashing over the past 50 years.

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