Gun-Toting Group Protests Outside Mosque In Ahmed Mohamed’s Town

Amid fears of rising Islamophobia and racial profiling in the country, an armed protest was held before a mosque in Texas.

anti-Islamic sentiment

At a time when anti-Islamic sentiment is on the rise in the country, a group of armed demonstrators stood outside a mosque to protest the alleged Islamization of the United States.

The venue of the protest was Texas' Islamic Center of Irving, which is rumored to have been running Sharia courts.

The town of Irving made international headlines earlier in September when a 14-year-old Muslim teenager Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for bringing a clock to his school, which his teacher mistook as a bomb.

The gun-toting “activists” referred to themselves as Bureau of American Islamic Relations, or BAIR, and tried to justify the possession of weapons with self-defense.

"We do want to show force. It would be ridiculous to protest Islam without defending ourselves," protestor David Wright said.

The participants of the rally were carrying American flags and signs, one of which read "Stop the Islamization of America," while another, with arrows pointing at armed protesters dressed in military clothes and face masks, said, "The solution to Islamic terrorism."

The Islamic Center of Irving was informed by police in advance of the rally and urged them to stay clear of the group to avoid any untoward situation. The mosque on their website has already denied the media speculation of running a Sharia court.

Despite the fact that police warned the Islamic center, it’s disturbing how people with guns are allowed to issue threats outside a place of worship where children also come to pray.

The incident comes a few days after a mosque was vandalized in Pflugerville in Texas in the wake of terror attacks in Paris. Also, a man in Fort Bend County was arrested over accusation of making a terroristic threat on social media that he was going to "shoot up a mosque."

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