Protesters In Niger Torch Churches And Christian-Owned Shops

After the recent terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo, protests in Niger turn violent against Christians.

This Friday in the south of Zinder, Niger, protests against Charlie Hebdo went violent against Christians in the area.

Demonstrators in the protest took to setting churches and Christian-owned businesses on fire, while saying things like, "Charlie is Satan."

Police officers in the area had to use tear gas to try and restrain the crowds.

These protests are not the first to have gone on since the attack on Charlie Hebdo. On one side, people are outraged at what happened to the victims, and on the other, some Muslims are angry at how the magazine has depicted their faith.

Protests in Algiers have also led to violence with injured officers, while other protests have been more peaceful. The magazine which has sparked these demonstrations, released another 'provocative' publication on Wednesday. 

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