Protests As NATO Agrees Afghan Withdrawal Plan


Thousands of people in London marched the streets in protest against the ongoing war against terror in Afghanistan. The protests were led mainly by families whose members were fighting in Afghanistan. The demonstrations come in the backdrop of NATO's plan of withdrawal from Afghanistan agreed in Lisbon, Portugal. An estimated 10,000 men and women came out in strength, angry with British participation in the war effort in far-off Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron, participating in the NATO meet in Lisbon, has indicated that all British troops in Afghanistan would be pulled out by 2015. Cameron said NATO and its allies were committed to hand over security responsibilities to the Afghan government and stressed that British troops would be withdrawn within the deadline of 2015.

Nevertheless, people were not happy with the far-away deadline, which they say between now and then would be as long as that of World War I.

Protests were also held elsewhere in the world calling for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. In Ottawa, Canadians in large numbers with placards demonstrated against the nation's participation in the Afghan war, demanding immediate withdrawal. Demonstrations were also held in Vancouver and Toronto.

Although NATO has planned withdrawal by 2015, some of the International Security Assistance Force would remain in Afghanistan beyond that time to provide training to local personnel.