Protests In Middle East

All the information you needed to know about the Jasime Revolution that's spreading across Africa and the Middle East!

A burning rocket launcher near Ras Lanuf Sunday. Libyan rebels were clsoing in on Sirte Monday, Gadhafi's birthplace
Libya protests - The Gaddafi Family
Gulf Deal 'Close' On Yemen Crisis Gulf Deal 'Close' On Yemen Crisis
Italy, France Sending Troops To Advise Libyan Rebels Italy, France Sending Troops To Advise Libyan Rebels
Yemen: UN Security Council Fails To Reach Agreement Yemen: UN Security Council Fails To Reach Agreement


Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabian Forces Prepare To Enter Bahrain After Day Of Clashes  Mar 14, 2011

Saudi Police Open Fire At Protest Mar 10, 2011

Stocks Hit Oil Slick But Economy To Trump

Saudi Clerics Slam Protest Calls

Saudi Arabia Bans Protest Rallies



Oman To Spend $2.6 Billion To Satisfy Protest Demands April 19, 2011

Oil Climbs On Libya, Oman Tensions; Persian Gulf Stocks Tumble

Middle East Unrest Spreads To Oman

VIDEO: Oman Unrest As Revolution Fever Spreads





Gulf Deal 'Close' On Yemen Crisis April 21, 2011

Yemen: UN Security Council Fails To Reach Agreement April 20, 2011

Yemen Security Forces Use Water Cannon On Protesters April 18, 2011

Activists: Yemeni Police Attack Women With Sticks  April 3, 2011

Blasts Rock Yemen Factory Overtaken By Militants  Mar 28, 2011

Yemen’s Leader In Talks On Exit But Still Defiant  Mar 25, 2011

Top Yemeni General, Ali Mohsen, Announces Defection  Mar 21, 2011

Shooting, Tear Gas Reported At Yemeni Protest Mar 13, 2011

One Dead After Yemen Security Forces Fire On Protesters In Capital Mar 9, 2011

Witnesses Describe Use Of Force Outside Sanaa University Mar 8, 2011

Yemen: US State Department Upgrades Travel Warning

2nd Week Of Protests Possible In Yemen

Anti-Government Protests Continue In Bahrain, Libya, Yemen





France 'Will' Step Up And Intensify Airstrikes In Libya April 21, 2011

Oscar Nominated ‘Restrepo’ Filmmaker, Photographer Tim Hetherington Killed In Libya April 20, 2011

Italy, France Sending Troops To Advise Libyan Rebels April 20, 2011

Britain To Send Military Advisers To Libyan Rebels April 19, 2011

EU Said Ready For Humanitarian Military Operation In Libya April 19, 2011

Fierce Fighting In Key City In West Libya Kills 17 April 18, 2011

Libyan Rebels Regain Key City After Airstrikes Mar 28, 2011

Libyan Rebels Target Gadhafi's Birthplace Mar 28, 2011

Libya Air Raids Hit Gadhafi Stronghold Of Sirte  Mar 28, 2011

Gadhafi Plastic Surgery Details Revealed  Mar 28, 2011

Eman al-Obeidi, Woman Who Shamed GaddafiMar 27, 2011

Libyan Claims Rape By Soldiers, Is Dragged Away Mar 26, 2011





Commission: Mubarak Complicit In Shootings April 20, 2011

Egyptian Prosecutors Order 15-Day Detention Of Hosni Mubarak April 17, 2011

Egypt Women Protesters Forced To Take 'Virginity Tests'  Mar 24, 2011

Egyptian Protesters Clash With Troops Over Mubarak Documents

New Egypt PM Names Most Of New Cabinet

Oprah Winfrey Show' Not Filming In Egypt

Violent Clashes In Alexandria




Tunisia's Former President Ben Ali Faces 18 Charges April 17, 2011

A Historic Moment In The Arab World

Tunisia Appoints Beji Caid Sebsi As Prime Minister





Member Of Wefaq, Bahrain's Shia Muslim Opposition Group, 'Dies In Custody'  April 15, 2011

Bahrain's King Thanks Saudi Troops Brought In To Put Down The Unrest Mar 21, 2011

Saudi-Led Military Enters Bahrain Mar 15, 2011

U.S. Urges Restraint As Bahrain Brings In Forces To Control Protests   Mar 14, 2011

King's Supporters Confront Bahrain Students  Mar 13, 2011

Calls For End To Bahrain Monarchy  Mar 9, 2011

Bahrain Protest Leader: Anti-Monarchy Option Open  Mar 8, 2011

Ecclestone Plans To Reschedule Bahrain At End Of Season

Anti-Government Protests Continue In Bahrain, Libya, Yemen

Bahrain Opposition Set Demands For Talks With Royals

Bahrain Protests: King Hamad Seeks Talks After Violence





Thousands Join Rally For Reform In Algeria

Hundreds Arrested As Algeria Defies Protest Ban

Protesters, Police Clash In Algerian Capital





Morocco's King Mohammed Pledges Constitutional Reform Mar 9, 2011

Coalition Of Moroccan Youth Groups Calls For Mass Protests In Cities - VIDEO

Deadly Clashes As Morocco Storms Western Sahara Camp





Jordan Protests: King Abdullah Names Marouf Bakhit PM





Kuwait's Opposition Group Says To Stage Rally  Mar 9, 2011

Youth Groups To Protest In Kuwait  Mar 8, 2011



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