Czech Nuclear Power Plant Used A Bikini Contest To Hire Interns

In a move as outdated as their energy source, a nuclear power plant had the sexist idea to hire its new interns based on how they looked in a bikini.

Four towers from a nuclear power plant in farmland.

Proving just how far the world still has to go, a nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic initiated an intern hiring process that included a bikini contest.

CEZ's Temelin station posted photographs of 10 young women on their Facebook page, and each of the high school graduates was dressed in nothing more than a flimsy bikini. The only thing appropriate about what they were wearing were hard hats and closed-toed shoes.

The post states that the woman with the most likes will be crowned "Miss Energy 2017" and win a two-week internship at the plant, which sounds like a totally non-sexist way to hire a new intern.


"We think photographs are very tasteful," CEZ commented on the post. "The combination of beauty and the industrial environment gives an interesting result."

By "interesting result" we doubt they were talking about the severe backlash to the absurd hiring process.

CEZ has since apologized in another Facebook post, writing that all 10 girls will be offered internships with the company and insisting that the entire sexist mess was meant to "promote technical education."

Alhough details as to whether or not this was an internship opportunity only offered to females (which would explain why only girls were finalists and would also sadly explain why a bikini contest was given the green light at all) remain unknown, a spokesperson from the company told The Independent that they give around 900 students the opportunity to intern with them every year.

This has been yet another slap in the face for a lot of women and their allies, but the backlash is heartening. Let's work to make sexism (and nuclear energy for that matter) history so that we'll never have to put the words "bikini contest" and "nuclear power plant" together again.

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