Who Are The ISIS? A Quick Guide For Dummies.

Your must-read guide on the ISIS and their world politics.

Not clued in totally on what’s happening in Iraq? Just heard about the insurgency there but you have no idea on what its all about? Here’s a little “ISIS 101” so that the next time someone is referring to them, you have a little something to add. 

Who is the ISIS any way?

No it’s not the ancient Egyptian goddess, wife of Osiris (king of afterlife) trying to take over Iraq. That’s not even funny!


The ISIS is a Sunni Muslim militia group that has the Iraqi army on the run. Formed in April 2013, the group is main force fighting against the government in both Iraq and Syria. Last week, the ISIS captured Tikrit and Mosul threatening to overtake Baghdad. Known for its atrocities and ruthless execution of minorities and foes, even Al-Qaeda considers it too radical!

So where did the ISIS get its name from?


Remember the ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service) in the TV show Archer? The fictional ISIS is head quartered in New York City and operates above a wash and fold. The primary entrance is disguised by a washing machine which is actually an elevator!

And you wonder where “real life terrorists” get their inspiration from? Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, has been dubbed “the most dangerous man alive.”


New York should be easy – these scuba-divers and apparent Archer fans are even ready to celebrate in the sea!


The ISIS (so far) stands for the “Islamic State of Iraq and (Al)Sham.” Al-Sham is the Arabic word for Levant which is where it gets its other acronym ISIL or the “Islamic State of Iraq and Levant”

Bad at geography? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Levant is the region including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and also Turkey and Egypt in the Wikipedia map above. Troubled yet? Here’s another map being shared over the net, showing where they aspire to be in the future (ignore the calligraphy).


Read what ISIS insurgency implies for the Afghanistan-Pakistan region

So now that you get why the world is so worried? Here’s a reason why any company with the acronym ISIS should be worried.


Thought they were clever with naming themselves after the Egyptian goddess? Think again. The ISIS insurgency has got their once profitable stocks toppling down this year.

Marketing analysts say a bad ticker can have that impact on the stocks of a company. For example, when Twitter went public with the TWTR ticker symbol, a little-known bankrupt company Tweeter Home Entertainment had its shares soaring 1,800 percent on heavy volume. This was for no other apparent reason but that the company name and ticker symbol looked and sounded like Twitter.

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