Rabbis Want Israel To Stop Destroying Palestinian Homes

Some Jewish leaders across the world are not happy with Israel's choice.

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For years now, Palestinian homes have been destroyed by the IDF and Jewish settlements have been built in areas that are designated for Palestinians to live. Now rabbis across the world are coming together to tell Israel that what is happening is wrong, according to RT.

People can go on for ages talking about the struggle between the Palestinians and Israelis, but the line has to be drawn somewhere, and that line keeps getting smaller and smaller for Palestinians living in the West Bank.

Rabbis for Human Rights have gathered together to write a letter to Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing their beliefs that what's going on is against 'international law and Jewish tradition.'

The letter goes on to talk about how Palestinians don't choose to build their houses without permits, they are forced to when Israel continues to elaborate on zoning laws that are already extremely limited. A Palestinian, like an Israeli, needs to build a home for his family, and next thing he knows, it is being knocked down. It is Catch-22 that will certainly not help any peace talks.

According to the Rabbis, 77 Palestinian children have become homeless in the last three days alone, and thousands have been made homeless time and time again over the last couple of years.

The RHR have urged Israel to take into consideration the laws they have in place to help the Palestinians, and stop destroying their homes. Even though the State recognizes specific areas which are designated for Palestinians, local and district planning committees among them were abolished in 1971, preventing Palestinians from deciding where to put their families.

Without looking at the bigger picture, the situation on a humanistic scale is heart wrenching. Regardless of other issues that surround the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, one needs to consider the emotional damage it can put on a person when they come home one day and their house has been completely demolished, with no one to turn to for help.

That is exactly what these rabbis from Canada, the US, Britain, and even Israel are saying, and hopefully their voices, as well as other voices, can do to stop this from happening-in a peaceful manner. 

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