Rachel Maddow...Declares That Just Because She's Gay Doesn't Mean Her Facts Are Wrong

This one one of the stranger Rachel Maddow segments to air in a long time. Last week, Maddow made a statement on the air that Wisconsin was "on track to have a budget surplus this year." In response, Politifact labeled the statement as "wrong" It was Maddow's second strike from the non-partisan fact-checking group. However! According to Maddow Politifact did not check their facts.Yesterday Maddow exec producer Bill Wolff sent a scathing email off to Politifact:

"In your effort to challenge a Capital Times editorial you have mistakenly ascribed the argument therein to Rachel Maddow. In so doing, you have half-quoted her in one instance, misquoted her in another, and misrepresented her overall. tape of what she said to prove them wrong." And last night Maddow picked up where Wolff left off. "I am happy to talk about this stuff and we will correct it when we get it wrong but we will also correct you if you say publicly that we are wrong when we are really not. There are too many people who work too hard on this show for us to get slandered when we are in fact telling the truth."

"The right wing this week, for example, got very excited when a St. Petersburg Times project called Politifact [interesting phrasing since they are somewhat familiar to people who follow cable politics] called a piece of our reporting on the Wisconsin crisis false. It was specifically about Wisconsin's budget. They said, quote, "Maddow and the others are wrong. There is indeed a projected deficit in Wisconsin.' Flashing red lights. Bells and whistles. Meter to red. Maddow lied. She said there is no budget shortfall in the state of Wisconsin."

Cue tape of Maddow saying, "There is in fact a $137 million budget shortfall." Maddow said that she sent letters to Politifact asking them to correct their error, but they told her that will not run a correction, which Maddow said she found "astonishing." "Politifact, you are wrong here on the facts and bluntly and you ought to correct it.

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