Racist Pokémon Stickers In London Generalize All Muslims As Terrorists

Amna Shoaib
Oddly, U.S. President Barack Obama also features in the racist London posters as the "USA's Muslim-in-Chief."

Just like the United States, the United Kingdom, specifically London, has also been taken over by a wave of racist and Islamophobic sentiments.

For instance, garish red and yellow stickers, in the style of the spectacular fad that was Pokémon Go, were put up around the city, recently, with photos of ISIS terrorists along with known Muslim personalities such as Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London. His name on the poster is "Hamaskhan," who apparently wants Londoners to "accept Islamic terror whilst he is mayor."

The men on the stickers are called "Pakemons," accompanied by the message "Gotta catch and deport them all."

Pokemon Racist

Another figure is "Ginger Mo," the white Muslim convert Jordan Horner who once called for Sharia law, who the poster says converted to make friends as "angry and weak-minded" as him.


Racist Pokemon

Oddly, U.S. President Barack Obama also features in the posters, as "USA's Muslim-in-Chief."

The Islamophobic posters were also shared on Twitter:




The British Transport Police have taken notice of the stickers and asked citizens to report any appearances:


Long before religious-based hate crimes exploded in the United States, following Donald Trump's election, the U.K. experienced an uptick in Islamophobia-related incidents after the Brexit vote.

Tell MAMA, a national project that records and measures anti-Muslim incidents in the United Kingdom, alleged the “Anti-Jihadi Frog” Twitter account as the perpetrator behind the stickers while addressing the flyers in a statement:

“We have been aware of the fact that the ‘Anti-Jihadi Frog’ account (@bad_sweary_frog) has become a nexus for far right extremists and anti-Muslim haters to congregate,” the statement began. “One of the stickers highlighted the Mayor of London, under the heading of ‘Pakeman’ and with a sub-heading of ‘HamasKhan’. The sticker goes onto call the Mayor of London ‘dangerous’ with a ‘hatred of Christians and Jews’. Linking the Mayor of London to terrorism, a classic anti-Muslim trope, the card then awards points within the racist campaign.

“Not only is such material inflammatory and untrue, it is meant to foment divisions within communities by promoting anti-Muslim tropes and hatred towards Muslims in general. The stickers also use racialized language and cross legal boundaries and thresholds,” Tell MAMA added.