Racist Kansas Councilman Howls At Teenage Girl

This may not be the publicity Chuck Stites was hoping for.

Kali Chatmon’s first response, after nearly colliding with another car, was to apologize.

Chuck Stites’ response to a young girl’s heartfelt apology? To bombard her with racist, not to mention sexist, vitriol.

Kali Chatmon is a 17 year old girl. Chuck Stites is a city councilman in Edwardsville, Kansas.

But this isn’t a question of age, maturity, or reasonable conduct. Racism is far worse offense than road rage, though one can’t sit pretty in the latter, either.

Stites rolled down his window, called Chatmon a ““Black n*gger b*tch” and suggested she “go back to Baltimore.”

Chatmon’s parents, already upset that a strange man raged at their young daughter, were absolutely furious once they learned who that man was. A representative of the people. Supposedly.

The Chatmon family, the Bonner Springs NAACP chapter, and the community at large, are clamoring for Stites’ resignation.

True to his emerging character, Stites refused to apologize or take the minutest responsibility, stating:

“There’s an ongoing investigation… It’s a misunderstanding. There’s a lot more to this story than is being told, and I think it would probably be inappropriate for me to comment much more until that investigation is complete… I’m okay with somebody voicing their opinion. That’s their right, and that doesn’t bother me at all. I have no intention of stepping down.”

It’s always confounding when someone uses their platform to make a statement about how they won’t be making a statement. If there is “a lot more to this story than is being told,” I’m sure the public would be willing to lend an ear.

And a cocked eyebrow. 

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