‘Racist McShootFace’ Heroically Sabotages Zimmerman’s Gun Auction

Priyanka Prasad
A user drove up the bidding price to $65 million to halt the sale of the gun that killed Trayvon Martin.

george zimmerman

In a monstrous move that enraged a majority of the internet, George Zimmerman decided to auction the gun he used to kill 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, calling it an “American Firearm Icon.”

On Friday, the auction taking place on United Gun Group was hijacked by a user named “Racist McShootFace,” who put a bid on the gun for a colossal $65 million.

The account was later deleted, but the username began to trend on Twitter, as users applauded the anonymous bidder for attempting to delegitimize the appalling auction.

According to the New York Post, other bidders included “Donald Trump” and “Tamir Rice”—the twelve-year-old boy who was shot by police while playing with a toy gun.

Although Racist McShootface’s account has been deleted, the price he drove the auction to remains, and he has helped currently halt the sale. Zimmerman was originally seeking around $5,000 for the firearm.

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Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @vicenews